On The Road

Of course one will always find the largest gathering of German Shepherds at a GSD Specialty Show or Trial, but in addition to breed specialties, we also pack up and travel to all breed shows and competitions.  Oftentimes when it comes time to venture out into the world with other breeds and handlers/owners, we plan and organize and find a way camp       together on the show or trial grounds.  We do this not only to support our friends and fellow club members,  but because we enjoy the company,  enjoy encouraging and applauding one another’s accomplishments, and best of all we love the opportunity to showcase our German Shepherds as wonderful breed ambassadors!   Oh, and yes, we take pictures because we LOVE mementos of our adventures.  You see whether we win or lose, qualify or not, a day spent together with our dogs and our friends goes down in the memory books as the absolute best!

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