Other Gatherings

gath-4556It doesn’t take much to entice us to load the cars and gather together – whether celebrating one of our pack members’ – K9 and human – birthdays, welcoming a new member to the group or maybe even saying farewell to friends leaving the area.  Often when our dogs join us for these occasions, we train, we eat and we laugh while remembering old and creating new stories.  When we remember, we take pictures so we can share and forever remember our happy moments and memories.


Family Gatherings

Whether we meet at a trial or half way between one another's homes, "family" gatherings oftentimes provide great excuses for photos - not that we really ever need...

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Birthday Trio

Missing our their friends Allie and Quigley (and their humans Linda and Larry), after their herding practice, Caleb, Harley and Lia decided to send their "Auntie Linda" a birthday photo.  Yup, pretty silly, but it still makes us smile!  After a while, even Fritz, who...

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