Sonoma Official Ambassador

“Sonoma” the curbside ambassador!

Greeting GSDS

“Maya” on the grooming table and “Bala” peeping through her “sun roof” awaiting passersby.


Our typical “setup” at “K-9s in the Park” at the annual Glendale Police Department canine unit fundraiser.

IMG_1089 - Version 2

“Fritz” greeting visitors to our booth.

Harley Run - 5

“Harley” taking a break to show just how fast a GSD can run. Guess who won the Radar Speed Device Contest? 🙂

Happy Team

Cathy and “Harley” demonstrating how much fun they have competing in obedience!


“Tori” finding a bit of shade while participating at K9’s in the Park.

GSD and Humans

The “Group” at K-9’s in the Park (L-R): Kathy and Fritz, Bala with Cynthia and Maya, Linda with Allie and Quigley, Cathy with Harley, and Shirley with Tori.

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