Scent Work

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The performance sport now recognized by the AKC and GSDCA as Scent Work, has its beginnings as an organized canine activity under the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) where it is known and still practiced as Nose Work.  Whatever venue in which one chooses to participate, Nose Work/Scent Work continues to gain in popularity as yet another fun activity for those dog and handler teams looking for “something fun and rewarding” to do together.  Originally inspired by the training methodology of detection K9s, Scent Work borrows elements of that training style for recreation.  Oftentimes senior performance dogs too old for the rigorous competitions of obedience and agility or those dogs needed a bit of a confidence boost early on find Nose Work a rewarding alternative activity.  The terms nose work, scent work and search work all refer to describe any activity where the dog uses its nose and amazing sense of smell to locate a target scent or odor.  K9 Nose Work defines this detection inspired sport that has evolved from the pursuit of many dogs (and their handlers) to not only practice nose work, but discover the joys of working as a team with one’s four-legged companion in competition.  Needless to say the GSD with his amazing aptitude for most any task, has become a favorite companion in and quick to learn the basis elements of this venue.  Teams learn to detect odor sources, indoors, outside and under various conditions and environments, and achieve titles based on the dog’s ability to source out the odor source and the handler’s ability to properly read or understand what his dog tells him!

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